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Best of All

What is the greatest spiritual gift we may have? Better even than faith and hope? The Bible states in I Cor 13 that LOVE is better than any spiritual gift because God Himself is love. There, the Bible gives us a profile description of Himself, in a medium we can relate to-- in terms of ourselves.

St James speaks of how looking into the Bible is like looking into a mirror.. there, we can see ourselves as God sees us. He is our Master template; we measure our spiritual image by His image-- the image of love.

Are we “patient, kind, believing, hopeful, and enduring,” as He is portrayed in I Cor 13?

Are we “not jealous, not touchy, not easily provoked, don't brag, not over-bearing, don't hold a grudge, keep no record of wrongs, and do not enjoy the misfortune of other's?”

In assuming His image, we may be like a small boy trying on his father's boots, discovering that he cannot fill them. He may have difficulty walking in them, but just like that child we purpose to walk in our Father's image and be like Him; for He has left us an example that we should walk in His Steps.

The Bible says that no one has seen God at any time, that He is a Spirit. Jesus said, “you have seen Me, so you have seen the Father.”The perfect portrait of God, the express image, is encompassed in the image of Christ.

The Love of Christ controls me, St Paul said, and he further instructed us to have the same mind as Christ. There is a well used self-exam exercise application for us in I Corinthians 13.. as you read the passage, insert yourself into each descriptive phrase..

I am “patient, kind, believing, hopeful, and enduring.

I am NOT jealous, NOT touchy, NOT easily provoked,

I don't brag, I am NOT over-bearing,

I don't hold a grudge,

I don't keep a record of wrongs and

I do NOT enjoy the misfortune of other's.”

Does the profile of Jesus fit you comfortably?

REFERENCES: I Cor 4:16; Ja 1:23; I Pet 2:21; I Jhn 4:12; Jhn 1:18; Jhn 14:7

And we all.. are being transformed into His image with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord.” II Cor 3:18